Heroic Hounds of World War II

28 Feb

Hello Dog Blog Readers!!! Sorry for the hiatus…. I was becoming a Mastress of the Universe and thus had little time for anything else over the past two weeks. Luckily, I’ve got the Universe thing in hand now, so dog blogging can continue. In receiving recognition myself recently… it made me think about the dogs of valor, who have shown bravery and altruism in the face of grave danger. So that’s why I thought it might be nice to take a few seconds to look over the pictures from the BBC website of 5 dogs who were honoured for successfully rescuing many humans trapped under rubble after German bombings during World War II. In light of the recent earthquake in New Zealand and the devastation wrought in Haiti last year, we know how hard a job it is, even now 70 years on…. Plus the little terrier looks so awesome in his coat and the retro photos are pretty cool. Back to the regularly scheduled silliness and tom-foolery tomorrow. WOOF!

Heroic Dogs


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