Million Dollar Puppy

18 Mar

Hong Dong, a red Tibetan Mastiff…. no he’s not a doggy porn star…. (his name means ‘big splash’) has hit the record books by becoming the MOST EXPENSIVE DOG EVER!!! A Chinese coal barron paid 10 million yuan (945,000 pounds) for this 11 month old. No Hong Dong doesn’t speak human languages…. nor can he paint in watercolours… he can’t drive a car…. he is not a magic hound… He is just incredibly beautiful and potentially very heavy (Tibetan Mastiffs can reach a weight of 14 stone/210 lbs/95.5 kilos). Hong Dong’s owner could possibly put him to work to recoop some of the cash. Hong Dong will allegedly collect 10,000 pounds atime as stud fee (perhaps I was too quick in denying the link to sex industry).

For more information check out The Guardian website  Pass notes No 2,943: Tibetan mastiff


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