Medicinal Music for Dogs

15 Apr

My friend Alex kindly shared with me a website called Through a Dog’s Ear which advocates prescribing music for behavioural issues with your hound. Apparently, the soothing tones of piano concertos alleviate anxiety and stress caused by such triggers as thunderstorms, fireworks, loss of loved ones, guests and separation. The website has a whole section dedicated to explaining the science of it which I scanned and absorbed nothing of. But I did look at the pictures of the muzzles of entranced hounds (there’s one particular photo of a poodle that appears lifeless on an apple mac) and saw that there were professional testimonials of people with letters after their names which seemed official. I figure it’s worth a try though? The most responsive I’ve ever seen Buster to music is when our 10 year old neighbour played her clarinet without a reed in it. That had a slightly different result of him howling like a wolf.

Here’s the link

Through a Dog’s Ear


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