Easter Egg Hound Hunt!

26 Apr

Happy Easter to all H.S.H. readers!!! Or as I like to call it Happy Pagan Spring Chocolate Eating Festival Day!! I find that this description is more inclusive and in that spirit everyone can enjoy the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring! Nature’s signs of rebirth are everywhere!! From blossoms on the trees to baby lambs in the fields and of course eggs!!! While my favourite eggs are of the chocolate variety, we unfortunately cannot share them with our four-legged friends. The Three Dog Bakery in Southlake,Texas, USA, however has found a way to let our pooches in on the festivities by organising an annual Easter Begg Hunt. There are two rules to the Easter Begg Hunt 1.The dog has to touch the egg with its nose 2. If the dog doesnt touch it with its nose the human must get down on the ground and touch it with their nose. Check out photos by Shagly Photography from the event below…

Easter Begg Hunt


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