Stuff Dogs Like #5

17 Jan

Dogs like toast.

I don’t know if it’s the rustle of the packet or untwisting the end and the rush of air that sends the dough and yeast scent out into the atmosphere, but whenever I make toast, my dog is the bread monkey on my back. Sometimes I offer him a slice pre-toaster and he sniffs it cagily, then glowers at me.

This isn’t the good stuff. He knows there’s a process. He knows I’m not just having a slice of floppy, limp bread.

So he waits……

edging closer, supervising my movements,watching me stick the bread in and then push down the knob.

Then we wait, together, he keeps his eyes trained on me, making sure I don’t back out or make a run for it. Then the warm golden toast pops out. I hand him his slice. He again sniffs it and turns his head away. He knows this isn’t the deal. He knows there’s butter. He stares at me coldly. I butter his toast. Hand it to him. He takes it in his mouth without sniffing it and looks at me again as if to say ‘don’t ever try not buttering my toast again’. He walks away…..


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