Buster’s Favourite Social Walk: SANDBANKS BEACH with a stop at the dog-friendly JAZZ CAFE (POOLE, UK)

16 Mar

Buster’s Favourite Social Walk: SANDBANKS BEACH with a stop at the dog-friendly JAZZ CAFE (POOlE, UK)

Buster maybe be a country dog, but his tastes are not limited to fields and woods and forests. He also loves to frolick between the waves lapping on the shore of sandy beaches. Such is the luck of a dog who lives on the south coast of England! Buster loves Sandbanks, not because he’s elitist, yes Sandbanks is home to the rich and famous, but because a visit there is an event on his social calendar.

Buster mixes with all sorts there, from the urban dwelling bournemouth shih tzu to the sherborne based labrador, he meets new friends and encounters old ones. Occasionally Buster meets the odd French hound on his vacation, and Buster makes sure to make them feel as welcome as possible by having a group jog (and sometimes quick straddle, but only as a gesture of friendship). His favourites are whoever will share a ball.

The social scene is not beach front alone, the merriment continues at the Jazz Cafe where dogs are welcomed (indoors and out) with a nice bowl of water and a friendly pat.


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