As Quiet As a (Squeak-Free) Mouse: Brilliant Ultrasonic Dog Toys

4 May

I dread every xmas and birthday of Buster’s because some very well-meaning person/enemy of my ears, inevitably buys him a plastic xmas pudding, plucked turkey or bone with a squeak in it. The noise emanating from such a tool of satan can only be described as the death rattle of beaker from The Muppets. Only it never dies…. Unless I invite my friend Jenny’s small border terrier Winnie over to kill the squeak.  If there were a dog version of the film The Hurt Locker, Winnie would be Jeremy Renner’s character, a maverick and enterprising leader of an elite bomb disposal unit. The only downfall is that Buster is then devastated by the tremendous loss of his new favourite toy, for what is the point of a plastic chicken if it does not squeak? Its soul has expired… But now Hoorah! A solution to both our problems has arrived!

The Quaker Pet Group have created a squeak toy with a frequency so high it is undetectable to the human ear but still registers with canines. Clever scientists!!!!

Check out Hear Doggy here


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