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Riding with Rover!!!

14 Jan

I seriously need to get on with training my hound to chauffeur me!! This clip is AMAZING!!!!!!! Thank you to my beautiful Silvana for finding this!!!


Love is Blind: Lily and Maddison Great Dane Best Buds

6 Jan

Happy New Year!!!! So I have decided to get this dog blog back up and running and what better way to kick it off than with a heart warming story of bravery and loyalty, the best qualities of our best friends! This is Lily and Maddison, an inseparable pair who go everywhere together. Maddison is not only Lily’s bud, but also her guide dog. Lily has a rare disorder that left her blind from a pup, since then she has relied on Maddison to be her eyes. Check out the two of them playing together Lilly and MaddisonLilly and MaddisonLilly and Maddison

Gimme That Sandwich!

7 May

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As Quiet As a (Squeak-Free) Mouse: Brilliant Ultrasonic Dog Toys

4 May

I dread every xmas and birthday of Buster’s because some very well-meaning person/enemy of my ears, inevitably buys him a plastic xmas pudding, plucked turkey or bone with a squeak in it. The noise emanating from such a tool of satan can only be described as the death rattle of beaker from The Muppets. Only it never dies…. Unless I invite my friend Jenny’s small border terrier Winnie over to kill the squeak.  If there were a dog version of the film The Hurt Locker, Winnie would be Jeremy Renner’s character, a maverick and enterprising leader of an elite bomb disposal unit. The only downfall is that Buster is then devastated by the tremendous loss of his new favourite toy, for what is the point of a plastic chicken if it does not squeak? Its soul has expired… But now Hoorah! A solution to both our problems has arrived!

The Quaker Pet Group have created a squeak toy with a frequency so high it is undetectable to the human ear but still registers with canines. Clever scientists!!!!

Check out Hear Doggy here

Dog on Roof

25 Apr

Forget Take Your Daughter To Work Day! Lets start Take Your Dog To Work Day! Inspiration comes from a video (linked below) of a roof thatcher from Norfolk who takes his pooch Axel up above the eaves for work.

Axel is as comfortable balancing on a roof as Philippe Petit is on a wire between the twin towers of the now fallen World Trade Center. He just needs a little help getting up the ladder….

Buster’s Favourite Social Walk: SANDBANKS BEACH with a stop at the dog-friendly JAZZ CAFE (POOLE, UK)

16 Mar

Buster’s Favourite Social Walk: SANDBANKS BEACH with a stop at the dog-friendly JAZZ CAFE (POOlE, UK)

Buster maybe be a country dog, but his tastes are not limited to fields and woods and forests. He also loves to frolick between the waves lapping on the shore of sandy beaches. Such is the luck of a dog who lives on the south coast of England! Buster loves Sandbanks, not because he’s elitist, yes Sandbanks is home to the rich and famous, but because a visit there is an event on his social calendar.

Buster mixes with all sorts there, from the urban dwelling bournemouth shih tzu to the sherborne based labrador, he meets new friends and encounters old ones. Occasionally Buster meets the odd French hound on his vacation, and Buster makes sure to make them feel as welcome as possible by having a group jog (and sometimes quick straddle, but only as a gesture of friendship). His favourites are whoever will share a ball.

The social scene is not beach front alone, the merriment continues at the Jazz Cafe where dogs are welcomed (indoors and out) with a nice bowl of water and a friendly pat.

Top 10 Dog Actors

15 Mar

Over the years I have been bewitched by certain dogs in movies, often the nuances and subtleties of their acting abilities can outshine their human counterpoints. Here are my top ten canine actors (in no particular order)

1. Uggie from the Artist

This pooch has excellent comic timing and delivery. Check out the synchronicity of Uggie and Oscar winner Jean Dujardin.


2. Hooch from Turner & Hooch

I especially love this clip because pre-acolade showered Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan Tom Hanks remains clad in only bikini briefs for the duration of the whole scene. Hooch is a fantastic straight man to Tom’s wise-cracking, highly strung cop, they have a lot of chemistry.


3. Arthur from Beginners

Arthur might actually be favourite in this grouping (shhh don’t tell the others), his earnestness and authenticity in his search for love allows him to be the mirror into the soul of Oliver, played by Ewan McGregor. This film is a delight, if you haven’t seen it, please do!


4. Puffy from There’s Something About Mary

This clip is dubbed in French, but you still get the point… And this scene is a classic in an already classic screwball comedy. Puffy is a stand out in this all-star ensemble cast.


5. Toto from The Wizard of Oz

Toto, you were the only one who crossed over with Dorothy! You are her one true companion and soul mate. You are also very very good at being clutched awkwardly under the arm, but not shuffling about to break free or barking your discomfort. Kudos you old skool hound!


6. Marley from Marley & Me

I haven’t actually seen this film, but it is on my rental queue and it looks really lovely. I have postponed watching this movie because I know how it ends and I don’t really want to fall in love  with a character and then cry at the end…


7. Baxter from The Anchorman

Oh Baxter you little gentleman. You are so scrappy and lovable! Which makes this scene all the more heart rendering and hilarious. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry, it all works out in the end.


8. Cody from The Life Aquatic

Cody the 3 legged dog was not harmed by Jeff Goldblum during the filming of this scene, which if you were concerned, is testament to his convincing portrayal and character development.


9. Dog from Mad Max 2

Dog! You are the only post-apocalyptical friend I would need by my side. You are the coolest.


10. Verdel from As Good As It Gets

This scene is a little like a funnier version of Krammer vs. Krammer only this custody battle has more bacon in it.