Because No One Likes Going to the Doctors

6 Mar



Maddie on Things: A Hound Balancing Act

29 Feb

I am in love with this blog! Not since the movieĀ Man On Wire have I been so impressed by a mamalian’s ability to balance. Check out these beautiful photos!

For more this check out Maddie on Things

Mukluk, Mop, Chewbacca or Malachy the Pekingese who won Best in Show at Westminster?

20 Feb

Last week’s big winner at the Westminster Show was little 4 year old, 11lbs Pekingese Malachy. While Malachy’s exuberance and charm is irrefutable, identifying his canine heritage has been a difficult task for some….

This is Malachy

This is a yeti

This is Malachy

This is a mukluk

This is Malachy

This is a mop

This is Malachy

This is a tuffet

Ok enough joshin’ he’s clearly adorable….

Westminster for me is a bit of a guilty pleasure…. It’s like watching models on a NYC or London Fashion Week catwalk (clearly when it’s broadcast on tv as i am not a member of that exclusive luminary club who attends) I know the idealization of a body form that causes pain and suffering to achieve is wrong. And I know that beauty comes from the inner core of a person and has very little to do with Louboutins or Alexander McQueen. But I still can’t help but covet the Louboutins and McQueen creations…. At least for a few minutes….

So Westminster showcases beautiful breeds who I also covet for a few minutes. But then I return to reality and I remember that Westminster changed sponsors this year from Pedigree to Purina, because they did not want to be linked with Pedigree’s incredibly poignant and remarkable ad campaign for shelter dogs. They felt the message was too sad. The message in fact was quite the opposite, that these shelter dogs carry life experience, which in humans we view as a positive attribute. The ad asks you not to feel sorry for a shelter dog, but to adopt one. For more on this, check out this very well-written article

Underwater Dog Photo Shoot

16 Feb posted an awesome series of underwater dog photos taken by photographer Seth Casteel. I am in love with these photos! They totally capture the sheer determination of a pooch after a ball and show all the fumbles and sometimes graceful moments of an aquatic canine. Are they mermaid like? No. But are they charming and alluring and fascinating in their own unique way? Absolutely! Here is a selection of my favs from This is Colossal andĀ  definitely check out Seth’s website (I think this Casteel is going places…. Cesar Millan is a fan…) which has some great eye-popping pooch pics.

Stuft Dogs Like #6 Addendum

16 Feb

A few days later, I walked into the back room to find Buster sat to attention at the glass doors, growling. His gaze was fixed on the Cat. The Cat was positioned in front of a tiny hole in the turf of the garden. The Cat was waiting. Waiting for mice to come out from their nest. Buster knew this too… Like a superhero, he is forever vigilant of Evil – doers.

Stuff Dogs Like #6

6 Feb

Dogs like being a hero.

My cat has a nasty habit, that many of his fellow cats have, of bringing living/shocked and in paralysis/half-dead animals into the house. I know some felines, like furry Hannibal Lectors, eat what they catch and just leave little souvenirs of body-less heads strewn about carpets and rugs. My cat likes his victims to remain as in tact and aware as possible, because they make better play things (like battery operated toys). One occasion recently, my cat brought in a mouse, a squeaking, terrified little rodent that he batted around and let run about (in the hope of escape) to just within the reach of his big grey paw.

Buster, my dog, has watched this dance many many times. Each time I think it saddens him.


Buster is a pacifist. Indeed he chases rabbits and deer, but not once has he caught one. Is that because he has the slow, rotund form of a domesticated pet or is it because he doesn’t really want to catch them? I honestly think that if Buster were aware of where his food came from, he would refuse those meaty chunks. He often has a hankering for my vegetarian sausages and he loves broccoli and humus…..


This day was not a day for dying, this day was not a day the bad guy wins.


Buster went over to my cat, snarled like a wolf, gently picked up the mouse in his mouth and took it back to his bed. He rested the mouse on the cushion between his paws and shot defiant eyes back at the cat. Every time the cat skulked closer, Buster growled a low warning, until eventually the cat gave up.


Later Buster and I took the mouse outside and set him down among the long grass.


My dog the mouse hero.


Stuff Dogs Like #5

17 Jan

Dogs like toast.

I don’t know if it’s the rustle of the packet or untwisting the end and the rush of air that sends the dough and yeast scent out into the atmosphere, but whenever I make toast, my dog is the bread monkey on my back. Sometimes I offer him a slice pre-toaster and he sniffs it cagily, then glowers at me.

This isn’t the good stuff. He knows there’s a process. He knows I’m not just having a slice of floppy, limp bread.

So he waits……

edging closer, supervising my movements,watching me stick the bread in and then push down the knob.

Then we wait, together, he keeps his eyes trained on me, making sure I don’t back out or make a run for it. Then the warm golden toast pops out. I hand him his slice. He again sniffs it and turns his head away. He knows this isn’t the deal. He knows there’s butter. He stares at me coldly. I butter his toast. Hand it to him. He takes it in his mouth without sniffing it and looks at me again as if to say ‘don’t ever try not buttering my toast again’. He walks away…..